Are you frustrated by the user experience of PeopleSoft or Taleo and wondering why your multi-million dollar business systems can’t be as intuitive and easy-to-use as a smartphone app? InFlight can help.

Create a consumer quality experience for Taleo and PeopleSoft users.

Dozens of F1000 companies use InFlight to breathe new life into legacy HR applications and create a consumer quality experience for employees and applicants.

Organizations sometimes try to solve the user experience problem by migrating to a new application. However, that approach doesn’t work. Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter, so migrating to a new application will only buy you a couple of years before that system also starts to look and feel stale.

Join us at HR Tech World San Francisco in Booth 401 to find out how the InFlight modernization platform can provide complete control over how your enterprise applications look, feel and behave across desktop, tablet, mobile and even wearable devices.

InFlight creates a virtual layer on top of your existing business systems so you can keep the user experience perpetually fresh, for the least cost. InFlight works with any of your web-based systems, such as Taleo, PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle Cloud, etc., so it’s easy to bring together disparate back-ends into a single, cohesive experience and workflow.

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