Create an Effortless Taleo Candidate Experience

Create an Effortless Taleo Candidate Experience

Shorten and streamline the application process

Over 60% of all job applications are abandoned due to length and complexity.1 InFlight quickly and cost-effectively fixes the candidate experience on Taleo.

  • Simplify user registration
  • Shorten the Taleo apply process
  • Improve UI controls and create dynamic form content

Total branding and UX control

InFlight provides seamless, low-effort integration with your career site and recruitment marketing efforts.

  • Refreshing the candidate experience is fast and simple
  • No Taleo domain expertise required
  • Easy and elegant job applications on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Eliminate IT headaches

InFlight doesn’t replicate the things Taleo does well:

  • Data and security constructs remain in the system of record and nothing is cached
  • No changes to Taleo or infrastructure required
  • InFlight deploys in the cloud or on-prem

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