By: Karl Wierzbicki, Director of Marketing, InFlight


Last year, I had the privilege of attending Gartner’s ReimagineHR and was extremely impressed with the
entire experience. 

The conference provided me with meaningful interactions with seasoned professionals, informative keynote talks, and inspiring breakout sessions. Best of all, there was a definite focus on one of our favourite topics: improving the candidate and employee experience

Here are the top things our team took away from attending the event last year:


3 Game-Changing Lessons HR Leaders Learned At
Gartner’s ReimagineHR

1. HR teams need to modernize and adopt better digital tools ASAP 

Last year’s keynote, delivered by Brian Kropp, VP, Research at Gartner, stated that CEOs are actively pursuing digital initiatives to remain relevant in today’s workforce. 

Kropp shared that according to the Gartner Digital Enterprise Survey, 67% of business leaders agree that if their company does not become significantly more digitalized by 2020, it will no longer be competitive. 

CEOs are acutely aware of the need to adopt digital tools to allow employees to collaborate with people faster, access information, and engage in their work more effectively.

As such, many organizations are under extreme pressure to transform towards a modern digital workplace to improve the employee experience and increase engagement and productivity.  


2. 77% of employees think the emergence of the digital workplace should make it easier to complete routine tasks 

The digital era has drastically changed workplace expectations over the past few years. Employees and candidates today expect their work experiences to match their consumer experiences outside the workplace; such as online shopping or ordering an Uber via effortless digital technologies.

While CEOs are looking at how digitalization can improve organizations, the keynote presenter, Brian Kropp, also shared that 77% of employees are expecting digital advances to make it easier to complete routine tasks – from onboarding to expense tracking. 

At InFlight, since we’re dedicated to improving the employee experience and increasing productivity from pre-hire to retire, this takeaway really struck home.  

Our Employee Experience Platform resolves this exact issue. Our platform improves the user experience employees have when interacting with a company’s ATS or HCM (without having to replace these systems) so employees can be more productive and engaged at work. If interested, you can find out more about how this works on our site


3. Productivity is becoming a major issue in the workforce – while the number of tools we have is increasing, productivity rates are barely growing.

Employee productivity was also a major focus area at last year’s ReImagineHR. Logging into different portals and systems can create a complex environment for employees that actually disrupts productivity.

This echoed what we’d already learned from Josh Bersin earlier in the year: productivity in most developed countries is barely growing, even though the number of tech tools we’re using are increasing. In fact, Bersin shared that the average number of HR systems increased from 8 to 11 last year.

This industry takeaway was aligned with what we’ve been seeing too. Our team has heard similar feedback from companies we work with about their own disparate people systems.

We help organizations solve these types of issues by creating a digital employee experience that bridges across different HR systems to provide an easy, “one stop” experience to increase productivity.


Why We’re Excited for This Year’s ReimagineHR

This year, our team is looking forward to attending ReimagineHR because of the caliber of presenters sharing their expertise on a range of important industry topics.

Here are a few sessions on our can’t-miss list:

  • “The Future of Work is Now: Success Stories for Taking Decisive Action”

    Brian Kropp, VP, Research at Gartner, and Ceree Eberly, former CHRO at Coca-Cola, will share examples of how organizations have leveraged future of work playbooks to deal with the changing workforce and shifting employee expectations

  • “Roundtable: Improving the Candidate Experience”

Vitorio Bretas, Sr Principal, Advisory at Gartner, will host a peer discussion on how to enable better experiences that encourage candidates to continue on through an organization’s hiring process

  • “Ask the Expert: Influential Employment Branding in the Digital Era”

Gaston Gomez Armesto, Director, Advisory at Gartner, will answer frequently asked questions about how to stand out and create an influential employer brand in today’s hypercompetitive market

  • “Emerging Technologies Disrupting Talent Acquisition”

Ryan Hill, Sr Principal, Advisory at Gartner, will discuss how the way we attract talent will change with the emergence of new technologies and workplace changes like artificial intelligence, automation, the gig economy, and more.


Our team is also looking forward to sharing what we’ve been up to at InFlight over the past year and how we can help with a lot of the pain points and areas for improvement that speakers at ReImagineHR are covering this year, including:

  • How to ensure your recruiting and employee systems are in line with changing workforce expectations and new types of tech
  • How to seamlessly communicate your employer brand throughout the application process 
  • How to boost employee productivity through simpler onboarding and employee self serve experiences
  • How to improve the overall candidate and employee experience 


If you’ll be there too, please stop by and chat with our team at Booth 102! We love talking about what’s next in HR and how InFlight is creating solutions that can level up your organization’s candidate and employee experience.
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