As the InFlight team prepares for the HR Technology Conference next week (come see us at Booth 3049!), it is also a good time to reflect on the state of the industry and what it means for meeting your critical HR objectives.

The HR innovation and technology challenge

If you are an HR leader in a Fortune 1000 company, you’ve never been under more pressure to enhance employee culture and productivity, and aggressively recruit new talent. HR is a central agency for championing innovation, digital transformation, and ultimately organizational change.

HCM and Applicant Tracking Systems need an overhaul

But let’s be honest, the HR systems most employees use every day are stale, unproductive, and uninspiring. What’s worse is that employees need to learn and use up to six (or more) disparate HR systems with the same poor employee experience. Most applicant tracking systems make the same impression. The impact of marketing budgets is being massively diluted, with average industry application drop-off rates of 60% and trending higher – and the most desirable candidates being the first to abandon. HR services haven’t kept up with the way candidates and employees live their lives – it’s 2017 and most aren’t even mobile – and even a best-case timeline from IT means it will be years before they can make it much better.

Traditional approaches for transformation are impractical for most organizations

Traditional rip-and-replace approaches to HR modernization and mobility are prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, these upgrades only appear modern when compared to even older systems, and quickly show their age. Other approaches result in fragmented point solutions, or require complex integrations and re-architecture – and often trigger compliance and regulatory audits.

InFlight provides a better way to refresh and revitalize HR systems

InFlight transforms the content from any web-based HR system into a responsive user interface on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Our platform provides complete control over the user experience without changing the backend system, business logic, or data security model. This means InFlight customers deploy exceptional candidate and employee self-service experiences in weeks, not years – without disrupting business operations, and at a fraction of the cost.

Creating new possibilities and capabilities for HR

Moreover, InFlight customers are recognizing the value of providing a consistent employee experience across multiple HR systems – recruiting, benefits enrollment, payroll, time tracking, expenses, and others – and are using our platform to connect the dots. Although these customers may have six or more disparate HR systems, they are building unified experiences that span the entire employee lifecycle. What’s even more exciting is that our customers are asking us to develop brand new capabilities for their organizations. They are taking the money saved with InFlight, and re-investing it with us to do even more. We’re helping them combine the business intelligence and workflows of multiple HR systems to generate new insights – for example, linking employee performance to talent acquisition – or planning further user experience enhancements, such as HR chatbots. InFlight is in the business of helping our customers transform the user experience of HR services for employees and candidates – immediately – free from the constraints of existing enterprise systems.

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