Autumn is here. The smell of crisp fall air, the taste of apple cider, and, for many employees, this is the time of year that they are reminded to renew and update their benefits enrollment for the upcoming year.

The Challenges of Open Benefits Enrollment

At InFlight, we know that open benefits enrollment can appear unwieldy and off-putting. The process can be complex and very time-consuming for employees and employers. It’s hard not to look for a “default settings” button, so you can quickly accept, right?

But, there’s so much vital information that employees need to be aware of and there are some very important decisions they have to make. This means that companies must find a way to make benefits enrollment engaging and simple.

At InFlight, we have applied our responsive design techniques (learn more here) to PeopleSoft Benefits Enrollment and we now offer a simple and elegant solution, making it easy for employees to manage their benefits.

We’ve stripped away much of the ambiguity that can frustrate employees and we have prioritized the information and choices for employees. We know that seeing is believing, so we’ve put together a demo video — watch it below!

Mobile Benefits Enrollment for PeopleSoft

As with all InFlight solutions, our PeopleSoft Benefits Enrollment user experience will adapt to all screen sizes. It is designed to be clean, modern and intuitive to help employees make the best decisions. At the same time, it will ensure that your investments in large back-end HR software solutions are not underutilized.

This same user experience can also be grafted into your enterprise portal, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the organization.

The clean design coupled with our intuitive decision flow helps companies cut down on support costs and allows HR teams to make the best use of their resources. Your next PeopleSoft open benefits enrollment season doesn’t have to be difficult – we’ve made sure of it.


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