Preparing for and achieving accreditation with standards programs can be time consuming and a strain on resources; however, the benefits gained by being an accredited partner in these programs can be invaluable.

We’ve been asked before if seeking these types of certifications is worth it. Our answer? Absolutely. The added confidence for customers and IT implementers makes it worthwhile.

At InFlight, we actively maintain our certification with the Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) program for our integration with PeopleSoft solutions, which establishes credibility by validating the seamless integration of our products to PeopleSoft’s.

A few years ago, we weren’t sure that the process of signing up for a program like this would be worth it. What changed our minds? Our customers. Simply put, we had customers asking us for Oracle’s stamp of approval.

A program that validates your solution and provides a sense of security to your customers can quickly become a valuable asset. Certification programs assure customers that your solutions are designed in a reliable, standardized way and perform as documented. They provide added surety that your products have been tested for functionality and technical soundness.

Companies can use their accreditation to highlight lower risk of integration conflicts in deployment. At InFlight, we know that organizations make large investments in software and being a recognized partner in a certification program lets IT and system integrators know that your software will act as expected once it is merged with their existing systems.

We are always mindful of the investment our customers have put into their HR and employee programs. InFlight modernizes the PeopleSoft experience to drive engagement and benefit IT, HR, managers and employees. Our participation as an OVI solution assures seamless compatibility between InFlight and the fundamental business rules that PeopleSoft establishes within our client organizations.

Again, working with programs like OVI and ensuring compliance with known standards for existing systems makes integration simpler and gives confidence to customers that your software will behave in expected and standard ways.

Completely worth the effort.

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