Responsive PeopleSoft templates for SharePoint

Only InFlight allows for any PeopleSoft content to be transformed and integrated into your SharePoint portal.

Our responsive Bootstrap templates re-imagine the PeopleSoft user experience and our Content Viewer brings them into any SharePoint page.

Whether you are running SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 or are moving to SharePoint Online for Office 365, InFlight templates can help you deliver on your vision of mobilizing SharePoint.

InFlight preserves the existing business logic, customizations and security of your PeopleSoft applications so you can modernize the user experience without compromising the integrity of the core application.

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“The unified portal not only provides employees with a common way of doing business, but integrating PeopleSoft into SharePoint is transforming our HR system of record into a system of engagement.” Matt Varney, System Director of Web Services

Learn more about what InFlight Webparts have to offer via our case study.

Before and After

Solve core usability issues by modernizing your enterprise application’s user experience.

Avoid a Costly Migration

Get the user experience you need while avoiding the cost or disruption of migrating to a new system, like Workday, for example.

Why InFlight?

Preserve each application’s native security stack and business logic.

Installed in hours InFlight delivers quick wins with high-impact results.