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Integrate PeopleSoft into your Portal
Integrate PeopleSoft into your Portal
Integrate PeopleSoft into your Portal

InFlight at a glance

InFlight gives you complete control over the PeopleSoft user experience from desktop to mobile. Our ground-breaking technology makes it fast, easy and affordable to solve core PeopleSoft usability issues without sacrificing the existing business logic, customizations or security of your environment.


Complete Control over the PeopleSoft User Experience:

From Desktop to Mobile

PeopleSoft in your portal

Enhance your intranet portal quickly and easily with InFlight ClearViews.

Packaged sets of “live tiles” blend PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service functionality into your SharePoint, .NET or open source portal. Our modern user interface means your users won’t know its PeopleSoft.

Reimagine PeopleSoft

InFlight allows you to solve core usability issues in PeopleSoft Enterprise.

We offer packaged solutions that modernize and mobilize PeopleSoft Timesheets, Expenses, Benefits Enrollment and more.

Or harness the power of InFlight to build your own.

PeopleSoft in your pocket

Make PeopleSoft Campus Solutions mobile.

Preserve your existing PeopleSoft security trimmings, business logic and customizations while delivering a student-centric self-service experience.

Course scheduling and enrollment, add/drop classes, view grades and more.


Validated by Oracle

From desktop to mobile you can be confident that InFlight will preserve the integrity of your PeopleSoft system.

InFlight is an Oracle Validated Integration for PeopleSoft.

Have specific goals for your PeopleSoft user experience? InFlight may be for you.


What our customers are saying


… The functionality and business rules of that PeopleSoft page within that webpart still apply so the integrity of the application is still intact. It also allows PeopleSoft with it’s roles and permission lists to control access to these pages so we don’t have to redo any security. The look of the PeopleSoft page within the webpart was also modified so that it adheres to the style guide for our intranet, employees don’t know it’s PeopleSoft.

Cliff Shigemi

… we added their ClearView technology, once installed and configured even more power to provide live access to PeopleSoft through our SharePoint environment.


Lon Feuerhelm

… InFlight has been a great company to work with. They have the right balance of being large enough to have the resources and knowledge to quickly address any questions, but small enough to have a personal relationship with…

M Bauer

…InFlight enabled me to execute my ‘one-front-door’ portal strategy by letting me surface interactive PeopleSoft content into SharePoint as web parts…

Kevin Brown, Director of IT

…InFlight enabled us to deliver one complete view of the customer, quickly and easily, giving salespeople all the customer information they need, right at their fingertips…

Marcus Johnston, Unit Leader, Infrastructure Services