Simplifying your apply flow will accelerate your ability to source experienced candidates

While many organizations are slowing down or suspending operations due to COVID-19, there are still many essential businesses that must continue running, and many of those organizations are seeing a surge in demand for certain rolesMany healthcare organizations are looking to rapidly hire additional doctors, nurses, and support staff, and many other businesses are looking for frontline workers such as grocery clerks, truck drivers, delivery drivers, and IT professionals. 

If you need to hire qualified candidates quickly to meet increased demand, you want to ensure your job application process isn’t turning candidates away before they submit a completed application. Two things that you should consider are how long it takes a candidate to complete and application and if they are required to create an account before they can submit their application. 

Research has shown candidates are 365% more likely to abandon an application that takes more than 15 minutes to complete, and that upfront ATS user registration causes 60% of potential applicants to drop out of the process at this stage.  

One of our customers, Bayshore Healthcare, was experiencing high candidate drop off rates with their Taleo apply flow because it was a long experience that required upfront registration.  

The healthcare professionals that Bayshore needto hire are in high demand, busy, and easily frustrated by an inefficient apply process, or one that doesn’t work well on mobile.  

To meet recruiting demands, Bayshore implementing the InFlight FastApply solution using it on top of their existing Taleo ATS. Here’s what they were able to achieve with InFlight FastApply:  

  1. 4.5 minutes to apply for a job (down from 30 minutes!) 
  2. Removing upfront ATS user registration  
  3. Reducing the complexity of the application process 
  4. 175% increase in candidate conversion! 

Now, 64% of Bayshore candidates who click “Apply Now” actually complete the application process, resulting in an big increase in the HR team’s efficiency and more hires in less time. 

Learn more about how Bayshore Healthcare was able to increase their ability to hire doctors and nurses in this case study and in this blog post from Rally Recruitment Marketing. 



Want to learn more? Contact our team to learn how InFlight is helping organizations simplify their apply flow and increase candidate conversions!
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