This is a difficult time for both employers and candidates. Your e-Offers and onboarding experience shouldn’t be another challenge. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to hire the right employee, so you need them to hit the ground running on day one, no matter where they are working from. 

E-Offers and Onboarding are often overlooked stages of your talent journey but are important when it comes to employee retention and productivity. In fact, according to Glassdoor, organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%. Other studies also show that 69% of employees are more likely to stay three years or more with companies that provide a great onboarding experience. 

However, most enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) systems – like Taleo, SuccessFactors, and PeopleSoft – don’t provide a streamlined or mobile-optimized e-Offer and onboarding experience out of the box. However, there are ways you can level up your current experience without implementing a new ATS or HCM.

Here are some onboarding and e-Offer employee experience tips for your organization to put into action:


1. Create a one-stop experience for e-offers and onboarding

A one-stop onboarding experience provides employees with everything they need in one place or workflow. This saves employees from having to jump around from application to application, which in turn increases efficiency and saves them from experiencing a disjointed onboarding experience. 

Having everything in one spot also provides candidates with a better employer brand impression and overall experience, increasing their engagement and excitement about their new role from day one.


2. Make your workflows as simple as possible

Time-consuming workflows and manual approval processes across multiple systems take up more time than they should. A simplified, consolidated workflow speeds up approvals, ensures all steps are organized, and makes onboarding activities easy to navigate and complete. 

This type of simplified workflow experience increases employee productivity and maximizes visibility so that management, employees, and new hires are all on the same page, and progress can be easily tracked.


3. Ensure your e-Offers and onboarding experience communicates your employer brand

In order for your employer brand to work most effectively, it needs to be consistently applied across all candidate and employee touchpoints. This means your e-Offer and onboarding platform – including fonts, key messages, colours, and logos – should provide the same look and feel as your career site and other digital properties. Also, ask yourself: “Does our onboarding process deliver the employment experience promised by our Career Site?”

This type of branded experience helps to fuel employee excitement, loyalty, and overall engagement as employees begin their journey within your organization. Further, a well constructed and branded systems experience sends the signal that your organization cares about its employees.


4. Provide a mobile-optimized experience

Employees today expect to encounter mobile-optimized systems in the workplace. Since employees want to complete self-service tasks during downtime or on the go, mobile-first experiences play a critical role in providing the type of environment that attracts and engages new talent.

As such, it’s important to prioritize your mobile experience during the e-Offer and onboarding process as part of your overall employee experience strategy. By providing new hires with a mobile-optimized experience, employees are able to access information faster and increase their overall productivity during the first few weeks of work.


Put these tips into action using your current onboarding system with InFlight

The InFlight Employee Experience Platform ensures your e-Offers and onboarding experience makes the right first impression with new hires. The best part is that InFlight works with the technology you already have so that you can drastically upgrade your e-Offers and onboarding experience without having to go through the pain and cost of implementing a new HCM.

InFlight builds on the solid foundations provided by ATSs and HCMs like Taleo, SuccessFactors, and PeopleSoft, to ensure a modern and enjoyable employee experience by providing the following:

  • A completely reimagined user experience that replaces complicated user interfaces and confusing workflows.
  • A one-stop onboarding experience so that everything new employees need is in one place.
  • Seamless branding that matches your corporate website and career site.
  • A consistent user experience, no matter what system the information, forms, or content originates from.
  • Modern and responsive HTML5 code to provide candidates with the flexibility to complete their e-Offer and onboarding during their own time, or while on the go from their mobile devices.

The takeaway

It’s important to make sure new hires get off to a good start in the crucial first 45 days of employment. To provide that strong first impression, organizations need to ensure their e-Offer and onboarding experiences are efficient, engaging, and consistently branded. By enabling a positive experience and quick ramp-up period, organizations improve employee productivity and retention and give employees the ability to make an immediate impact.


Want more information? Get in touch with InFlight to learn how you can transform your e-Offer and onboarding experience to engage and delight your new hires.
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