Many of the world’s best companies are facing a crisis that threatens productivity and employee engagement. The software they rely on to run their businesses is aging and falling farther and farther behind, despite periodic upgrades offered by the makers. The user experience and UI are complicated and cumbersome.

Integrating different applications or new functionality is problematic: it creates headaches for IT and users alike. Adoption is low. Training and support costs are high. The organization is not getting full value from their applications.

At a time when everyone is measuring organizations based on the quality of their online applications and services, you may be wondering: “Why can’t my multi-million dollar business systems be as intuitive and convenient as the apps on smartphones?”

Organizations sometimes try to solve this problem by migrating to a newer application. It’s extremely expensive and extremely disruptive to operations, and it doesn’t work. Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Migrating to a new application will only buy you a couple of years before that system also starts to look and feel stale.¬†Continuously pursuing the latest tastes and trends will leave you feeling like you’re in the fashion business.

That’s where InFlight Corporation comes in. Our modernization platform creates a virtual layer on top of your business systems so you can keep the user experience perpetually fresh for the least cost.

InFlight provides complete control over how your enterprise applications look, feel, and behave across desktop, tablet, mobile, and even wearable devices.

InFlight works with any of your web-based systems such as Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, etc. So it’s easy to bring together disparate backends into a single cohesive experience and workflow.

In this example, InFlight has transformed PeopleSoft benefits enrollment, giving it a modern, intuitive UI. In addition to user devices, you can also pull application content into your enterprise, SharePoint, or open source portal. Our secure single-sign-on ensures users never see another login screen and InFlight’s ability to blend content from enterprise applications into your portal ensures a seamless look and feel.

Schedule a demo today. We’ll show you how some of the world’s leading brands are using InFlight to mobilize and modernize.